9-1-1 Board Roundtable

Now's your chance! Come tell members and staff of the Alabama 9-1-1 Board what your thoughts and concerns are. Do you have questions about training? Are you concerned about location accuracy? Do you still have unanswered questions about the ANGEN project? Is there a 9-1-1 issue that’s on your mind? Let us hear from you! If you’d like to submit a question ahead of time that you’d like for us to address, please feel free to email it to leah@al911board.com or write it down and drop in our question box at the conference.

Speaker Bio:

Leah Missildine

Leah Missildine is the Executive Director of the Alabama 9-1-1 Board. Prior to joining the Alabama 9-1-1 Board, Mrs. Missildine served as Director for the City of Auburn Public Safety Communications Division. Mrs. Missildine received a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Auburn University. She and her husband, Matt, have one son, James, born in March of 2016 and two rescue dogs, Lefty and Ollie.