NG9-1-1 Operational Interfaces - Beyond the Standards

Compliance with standards ensures the features, functionality and interoperability promised in NG9-1-1 systems. Requiring adherence to the standards is an important aspect of any RFP, however, many operational interfaces are not specified in the standards. The functionality and ease of use of these interfaces is critical to the management of a NG9-1-1 system yet they do not receive nearly as much “ink” in RFPs as they deserve. This session will cover key NG9-1-1 operational interfaces not covered in the standards and how they impact the ongoing operations and therefore success of NG9-1-1 systems.


Speaker Bio:  

Steve Gould, Senior Solutions Architect

Steve has an extensive career in communications totaling over 44 years. Early in his career Steve spent over 20 years in the implementation of PBX and Data solutions with a focus on enterprise level solutions. Steve then moved into the pre-sales engineering role where he engineered WAN solutions, office Data systems and more specifically a focus on Public Safety solutions. His focus on Public Safety included certifications with CML, Plant Equipment, Northern Telecom, Cisco, Airbus VESTA and most recently Emergency CallWorks, a Motorola Solutions company. During his 24+ year tenure in Public Safety, Steve was a 12 year NENA ENP and has worked on pre-sales design and implementation of large PSAP solutions