Enabling, Simplifying and Securing 9-1-1 Call Centers, EOCs and Command and Control Centers

KVM systems have been used for moving information from the networks to the desks, video walls, war rooms, etc. With the proper system level technology, these capabilities can be expanded to increase

the value of the real state occupied by the operations room, add flexibility and personality to the operator’s station and distribute information, even classified information, to approved individuals and locations, regardless of distance.

Speaker Bio:  

Hernan Rodriguez

Hernan Rodriguez is the Director of Commercial Solutions at Thinklogical, a Belden corporation brand. Hernan has worked in the control rooms and advanced simulation markets developing expertise in information distribution and audio visual design. Hernan helps clients transform their workspaces into secure, efficient and productive environments that promote instant situational awareness and information superiority allowing dispatchers to communicate mission-critical information in seconds. With over 18 years of experience, Hernan is a speaker at various NENA and APCO conferences around the US.

Hernan holds BSBA degrees in Production Operation Management, Marketing and a Technical degree in Industrial Electronics. He graduated from the University of Central Florida.