Henry County E-911 will be hosting two training classes in January 2018. 

PowerPhone will be conducting a 911 Liability class on January 30th and an Active Shooter Response class on January 31st.  Both classes will be held in Abbeville and will be from 8:30am to 4:30pm each day.  The cost of the classes are $229.00 each and you can register by calling PowerPhone at 203-350-0337.  If you have any additional questions please give me a call in the office. 

Chad Sowell, CECA
E-911 Director
Henry County
P.O. Box 97
Headland, ! AL  36345
334.585.1911 - office



Birmingham 9-1-1, Jefferson County 9-1-1, and Shelby County 9-1-1 are co-hosting a 3-day conference in February. PSTC will be conducting a Leadership class on February 5th, a critical skills for Call Takers & Dispatchers class on February 6th, and a Customer Service class on February 7th. The deadline for registration is January 19th. The classes will be held in Birmingham from 8:30 am to 4:30 each day. Registration is only $50 per class, a significant discount on the traditional price of $189. You can obtain more information and register online at www.psctraining.org.

We do not have a hotel partner for this event. However, there are several great choices nearby:

Hampton Inn & Suites Tutwiler – 300 Feet from Venue

Sheraton Birmingham – 0.2 Miles from Venue

Westin Birmingham – 0.5 Miles from Venue

Lee Hedrick
Training Manager | Shelby County 9-1-1
205-439-6915 | 
leeh@shelby911.org | www.shelby911.org