Education Sessions

NG911 is More Than Just the Technology

Sunday, October 9, 2022

8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Course Description: When the term "Next Generation 911" is heard, we often think about how it will bring changes to the programs we use and the technology our center relies on. What isn't thought about is how the Next Generation of 911 is not only about adapting to new technology, but new practices and models of training, retention, hiring, and other personnel related matters in the center. During this course will look at how personnel systems put in place during the "Legacy 911" period no longer meet the needs of the Next Generation of 911 personnel and how learning and development are a playing a more prominent role.


Course Agenda:

  • Introductions

  • Reflecting on Legacy 911 practices

  • Why the shift in hiring, retention, & training in 911

  • Adapting to new retention policies

  • Why Training Matters

  • Developing a Learning Culture

  • Conclusion

    2022 Gulf Coast Conference Educational Sessions
Monday - Oct 10      
Time Salon ABC - ANGEN Room Salon D Salon E
1:00 - 1:50 Board Update  911 Rescue Yourself- (Dispatcher Track) ALNENA Quarterly Meeting
  Leah Missledine and Adam Brown  Edie DeViliss Rev Dr   
2:00 - 2:50 Board Panal  Care for you Team  (Dsp/Management) ALNENA Quarterly Meeting
  Board Staff  Rev Dr  Edie DeVilis   
3:00 - 3:50 Certification and 911 Education in Al Panel Discussion  Mental Health and Wellness for the 9-1-1 Professional (DSP/Mangag) Emptying the Garbage: Stress and the First Responder (DSP)
  Dana Nation  April Heinze  David Cohen 
4:00 - 4:50 Certification Panal                                             I hear you Smiling  What Every PSAP Ought to Know About Livestreaming
  Board Staff and Committee Members  Dennis Darouse                                                          Sondra Wesley
Tuesday - Oct 11      
Time Salon ABC - ANGEN Room Salon D Salon E
8:00 - 8:50             8:30-9:20                   GIS Updates  Surviving the change, technology transitions in 9-1-1 Centers (Management)  The Secret Weapon in Staffing Strategies & Soft Perks (Management)
                                                  Anderson Brooms  Jeanie Pharis & Ryan Whisenhunt Maureen Dieckmann 
9:00 - 9:50   Board Goveranance Training  (Management/Board Track)  A Video is Worth a Million Words
    Lee Moore  Sondra Wesley
10:00 - 10:50 9:30- 10:20            GIS Panal  Alabama Ethics for Public Employees and Officials (Management/Boa) Leading 9-1-1 Into the Future (Management)
                                 Staff and Datamark  Tom Albritton -   State Ethics Director April Heinze 
11:00 - 11:50 10:30- 11:20      GIS Program Panel Discussion  Why ENP?  (Dispatcher/Management)  Quality Assurance and the Imprtant Role of your Feedback Loop 
            Anderson Brooms, Adam Brown and Datamark Staff  Brian Godsey  Maureen Dieckman  (Dsp/Management) 
1:00 - 1:50 Board Update (Repeat)  We don't have the funding for that (Management)  Taming 911 Turnover - Stragegeis for Success (Management)
  Leah Missledine and Adam Brown  Tanya Lee  Misty Trotter 
2:00 - 2:50 ANGEN Panal - Databases,Toolkit, Special Events Before the Phone Rings- Data First Requests For Service (Dsp/Man)  Reap What you Sow: Building a Budget Friendly Training Course 
    Jennifer Poole and Rick Thomas  Kelly Sanders-Kelley (Management)
3:00 - 3:50 Indigital - Cyber Security                       Who are Your Customers? (Dsp Track)  Wireless E911 Update & Impact to PSAP (Management) 
  Bob Brown  Blair Tyndall  Jean Martin 
    Why They Stay (Dispatcher Track)  Using What3Words and Google Plus Codes ( Dsp/Management)
4:00 - 4:50 Cybersecurity Panal  Tanya Lee  Scott Warner 
  Bob Brown (Indigital) Securlore, and OTM Cyber     
Wednesday - Oct 12                                                       CLOSING     SESSION    
8:00 - 10:00   Overcoming Adversity   
    Dawn Shumway   


Speaker(s)  Email  Phone Bio  Course Name  Course Description  Date  Time 
Leah Missildine 334-440-7911 Leah Missildine is the Executive Director of the
Alabama 9-1-1 board; she's been with the state board
since it's creation in 2013. Prior to joining the
Alabama Board, Mrs. Missildine served 15 years
with the city of Auburn Al, Communications
Division beginning as a part time dispatcher and
eventually promoting to the Director's position.
Mrs. Missildine received a Bachelor's Degree in
Arts and a Masters' degree in Public Administration
from Auburn University. She and her husband,Matt,
have one son,James. 
Board Update  Join us for an overview of all the Board's Programs
upcoming opportunites, and pending considerations!
Oct 10th  1pm 
Leah Missildine & Board Staff 334-440-7911   Panel Discussion  Join us immediately following the overview of all
the Board's Programs, upcoming opportunities, and pending considerations! We'll have staff, board members, and legal counsel on hand to answer your questions. 
Oct 10th  2pm 
Dana Nation 334-440-7911 Ms. Dana Nation is the Program Coordinator for the
Alabama 9-1-1 Board. Prior to joing the board staff,
Ms. Nation worked at Haynes Ambulance as a
Paramedic for 19 years. She also has 10 years
experience in the fire service and still serves as a
volunteer firefighter. Ms Nation received a Bachelor's degree in Emergency Management from Jacksonville State University, where she is currently enrolled pursuing a Master's in Public Administration. Ms. Nation holds numerous instructor certifications and enjoys promoting eduication and training through teaching public safety professionals. 
Alabama Public safety Telecommunicator Certification Program  An overall review of the Alabama Public Safety Telecommunicator Certyification Program. This presentation will cover the administrative rule that defines how the Program will be administered, the timelines, and the requirements for paticipations and compliance.  Oct 10th  3Pm 
Board Staff & Committee Members 334-440-7911   Certification Program and 911
Education in Alabama Panel
An interactive discussion with the Alabama 911
Board staff about the Alabama Public Safety Telecommunicator Certification Program and 911 Eduucation in Alabama. We iunvite all attendees to bring their questions regarding the Certification Program and their questions regarding 911 Educationin our state. 
Oct 10th  4Pm 
Edie DeVilbiss 318-497-0187 Edie DeVilbiss served in 911 I the 80's and 90's. The negative drain due to work led to physical, mental and spriritual health issues. Over the years she served as a both counsleer and chaplain, Between academic learning and esperience, she has develeopped a powerful process to help stressed out people and their work groups establish strong self care habits. Her creative and holistic approach engages and energizws all ages toward a greter whole life wellness.  911 Rescue Yourself

Dispatcher Track 

Resistance to health challenges in 911 is based on
personal self care habits. Good habits which can seem impossible to incoprate into our lives. You'll identify the issues first, then gain the keys to increase your well being. You will pick upa  safe way to talk about the areas of life that are impacted by the negativity of your work. And, you'll walk away empowered to take charge of your life. 
Oct 10th  1pm 
Edie DeVilbiss 318-497-0187 Edie DeVilbiss served in 911 I the 80's and 90's. The negative drain due to work led to physical, mental and spriritual health issues. Over the years she served as a both counsleer and chaplain, Between academic learning and esperience, she has develeopped a powerful process to help stressed out people and their work groups establish strong self care habits. Her creative and holistic approach engages and energizws all ages toward a greter whole life wellness.  Care for your Team

Admin/Supervisor Track

Discipline without CARE is cruelty. CARE without discipline is destructive. How do you find the balance between caring well for your team and holding team members to a high standard? When we know our team members are working too many hours because we are chronically short- staffed, it's hard to call them in for a corrective action. You already know taht being over tired is probably behind the error. Yet, failure to maintain standards is an identiofied factor in why people leave a place. Take a fresh look at how much difference you can make as a leader when you adopt this simple approach.  Oct 10th  2Pm 
April Heinze, ENP, CMCP  517-719-2426 April is the 911 and PSAP Operations Director for NENA: The 911 Association. She is responsible for Industry and Innovations Awareness, Operational Standards Development, Event Productions, Membership, Industry and Media Relations and other activities and projects. April has spent most of her three decade career in 911 focused opn PSAP operations issues. She currentky serves as the Vice Chair and Senate Appointee to the State of Michigan's State 911 Committee.  Mental Health and Wellness for the 911 Professional

Admin/Supervisor Track 

Working in 911 is stressful and can have severe impacts on your health. In theory, improving your overall wellness may seem simple, but it isn't easy. 911 Professionals are exposed to trauma  every day and research shows nearly half of the workforce in the 911 industry is living with a mental health injury.  Oct 10th  3Pm 
Dennis Darouse> 985-747-0911 Dennis grew up and attended school in Hammond,La. He started his first responder career in 1968 as a radio operator with Tangipahoa Civil Defense at the age of 16. Denis joined the 236th Mobil Communications Flight, Louisiana Air National Guard in teletype adn radio operations. Dennis also served in the fire service for 37 years. After retiring from the fire service he began his career in 911 in Februiary of 2002 as the director of Tangipahoa Communications District #1. Dennis is a member of APCO and NENA, where he has achieved the title of ENP. He is also a Past President of the La. State Chapter of NENA.  I Hear You Smiling

Dispatcher Track 

When you talk on the phone can your friends tell what mood you are in? If they can, then people calling on the 9-1-1 lines or Admin lines can also. We will discuss the ways we talk on the phones whether we know it or not (or care)  Oct 10th  4pm 
Alabama Quarterly Meeting            Oct 10th  1pm 
Alabama Quarterly Meeting            Oct 10th  2pm 
David Cohen 205-936-9025 David Cohen has been involved in the fire service for over 40 years abs retired from the Mountain Brook Fire Department after 31 years. He has been a paramedic since 1976 and has an Aas in Fire Science, a BS in Allied Health Administration, and an MA in Human Services Counseling. David is currently studying for the Doctor of Education in Community Care & Counseling- Traumatology. He is also a graduate of the National Fire Academy Executiove Fire Officer Program. Davis is aboard certified Mental Health Coach in Crisis and Trauma Care by the American Association of Christian Counselors. He also serves as a Board member, a Board Cartified Stress Coach, a peer counsler abd instructor for Under the Shield. Under the Shield is a non profit organziation that provides anonymopus mental wellness services and training to military, first responders and thier families. Davis is also Central Vice President of Alabama Fellowship of Fire Chaplains.  Emptying the Garbage: Stress and the First responder

Dispatcher Track

The first responder life tyle is one of the most challenging yet rewarding professions. However, the challenges are becoming more complex every day. As first responders, you experience all natures of trauma, "shrug it off" and go home to your families as if everything is OK. To survive and be successful in your career, you cope with the daly insults and personal attacks, witness firsthand the worst of the worst, and move on as if nothing happened. You may receive training to manage everyone else's garbage, but no one showed you what to do when your garbage can is overflowing. This session will define stress, sources of stress and identify how stress affects first responders. You will learn various stress management and self help tools to help you deal with the "garbage "that goes into your garbage can everyday. In addition, you will learn about available resources when you feel overwhelmed.  Oct 10th  3pm 
Sondra Wesley 859-779-1949 Sondra Wesley, Implementation Lead, is a highly
regarded instructor. Training hundreds of law enforcement and telecommunications professionals around the country, she brings her three decades of public safety experience into her presentations. She is an MS candidate in Justice Policy and Leadership from Eastern Kentucky University and holds a BS in Criminal Justice and AS in Police Studies. She is also considered a CJIS Subject Matter Expert and has sat on numerous national boards
What Every PSAP Ought to Know
About Livestreaming

Dsp/ Admin Track 

Livestreams can now be delivered to PSAPs.
 "What Every PSAP Ought to Know About Preparing
for Livestreaming" will guide attendees in adapting
livestream technologies. Topics will include:  Leading
and Responders. This session will provide guidance and reveal empirical data on the impact of Livestreaming on telecommunicators.
Oct 10th  4pm 
Anderson Brooms 334-440-7911 Prior to joining Alabama 911 Board, Mr Brooms served as a Senior GIS analyst for the City of Montgomery, Al. Mr Brooms has worked in the GIS industry in the state and local government as well as in the private sector. He received a Bachelor's degreee in Geomatics from Troy State and a Master's degree in geograpic Information Systems from Penn State University.  GIS Updates

GIS Track 

This session will give a general update of the Alabama 911 Board's GIS Program. Topics will include onboarding, GIS data violations, GIS data remediation best practices, and services offered by the GIS Program. We will discuss products,software and other resources available to assist the ECD in its journey through GIS data remediatiobn for the use in NG911 environement.This session is for GIS professionals,ECD Directors and anyuone else who is involved in ECD/PSAP GIS data management or address assignment.  Oct 11th  8:30am 
Board Staff & Datamark 334-440-7911   GIS Panel Discussion with Datamark and Indigital

GIS Track 

With all the talk about GIS in Next Generation 911, you may be asking yourself, "what is all this for? Come to this session and be part of a rountable discussion with staff from the Alabama 911 Board, DATAMARK and Indigital to talk about how accurate GIS datat is  a requirement for a fully implemented NG911 system's success.  Oct 11th  9:30
Anderson Brooms, DATAMARK, and
Indigital Staff 
      Joint Panel Discussion

GIS Track

Joun Alabama 911 Board and DATAMARK staff for an interactive discussion about the NG911 GIS Project. We will discuss specific aspects of the Project and invite attendee participation in bring specific questions related to preparing your local datasets NENA NG911  Data Model compliance.  Oct 11th  10:30a
Leah Missildine     Board Update (Repeat) Join us for an overview of all the Board's Programs
upcoming opportunites, and pending considerations! 
Oct 11th  1pm 
ANGEN Panel        Databases, Toolkit, Special Events    Oct 11th  2pm
Bob Brown  603-545-1682 Bob Brown has a very diverse background including
Service to our country as a Military Policeman for
the United States Army, 25 years plus in Information
technology, 30 years plus in Public Safety and a
Master's degree in Project Management. He is
currently the Cyber Security Officer for INdigital
focusing on company policy and procedure. Bob began working at INdigital in 2017. He previously worked as part of the leadership team implementing Next Generation 911 Services for the of New Hamphire. He respresented the National Public Safety Telecommunications Counil as  voting member of the FCC's task Force on Optimal PSAP Architecture and many other workgroups over the years.
InDigital : Cyber Security  This session will cover cyber security awareness for PSAP leadership. It will outline Cyber Security at an appropriate level to aid comprehension and understanding, enabling the PSAP manager to engage in conversation with their staff or vendors regarding cyber security. Ideally the PSAP mamanger will be able to return to their PSAP witha list of resources and questions to discover and improve their PSAP's cyber security posture.  Oct 11th  3Pm
Indigital, Securlore and OTM Cyber       Cybersecurity Panel    Oct 11th  4pm 
Jeanie Pharis
Co Speaker: Ryan Whisenhunt 
256-476-2022 Jeanie is the Director for Morgan County 911
She has spent time working as the Emergency
Communications Manager of Vance AFB
Fire Department and was the chair of the
Communications Unit for Oklahoma Homeland
Security. Currently, Jeanie holds 2nd Vice President for Alabama NENA and serves as the chair of the Professional Development Events Committee for APCO International.
Ryan has 10+ years experience in public safety, having obtained certifications in the disciplines of public safety communications, law enforcement, fire and EMS. He has been vastly involved in NENA and APCO International, taking advantage of as many training and professional development opportunites as possible. 
Surving the change,technology transitions in 911 Centers

Admin/Supervisor Track 

Change in a 911 Center can be some of the most stressful times for an agency. When you are looking at making major changes, such as a new CAD, change in EMD, Radios, etc - make sure you are looking at the impact it will have on your employees. Attendees will learn some tips and traicks to consider before, during and after the choas hits your center during a major change.  Oct 11th  8am 
Lee Moore 334-451-0513 Lee Moore is the principal of 911Consult,Inc, and
is a long time member of APCO and NENA. Lee has
been a volunteer firefighter,a county E911 Board
member and has been involved in the 911 industry
for over twenty five years in several roles. He served on the Elmore County, Al E911 Board for over 10 years and was the Vice- Chairman for the last five years. He was a technical contact/liaison on the board for all the vendors and was responsible
for the design and implementation of computer
systems and networks. 
Board Goverance Training

Board Track 

Black Law's Dictionary, eleventh Edition, defines a board as "(A) committee of persons organized under authority of law in order to exercise certain authorities, have oversight or control of certain matters, or discharge certain functions of a magisterial, represenative or fiduciary character." This session will discuss governance,best practices and guidelines for board memebers of Emergency Communications Districts in Alabama.  Oct 11th  9am 
Tom Albritton 334-488-3320 Thomas B. Albritton became the Executive Director
of the State of Alabama Ethics Commission in March
2015. Before becoming to Montgomery, Tom
practiced law in his firm in Andalusia for 23 years
and generally represented public sector clients
including elected officials, counties and
municipalities. He was an assistant District Attorney
for the 22nd Judicial Circuit, and was a municipal
court judge for 17 years, as well. He was a 1989
graduate of the University of Alabama, and a 1992
graduate of the University of Alabama School of Law. 
Alabama Ethics for Public

Board/Admin Track 

This course will serve as a primer on Alabama's
Ethics laws for public officials and employees;and
for those participants already familiar with the basics, it will provide updated information regarding the Commisssion's current view on key subjects. 
Oct 11th  10am 
Brian Godsey  256-797-8911 Brian Godsy has worked in Public Safety for over 24 years ina variety of roles including Project management, account/customer Success Management and Sales. He has been an ENP for over nine years and currely serves as President of the NENA Institute Board ( which manages the ENP Program.) He is also a Project Management Professional (PMP) and Six Sigma Yellow Belt and has a BSE and MSE in Engineering.  Why ENP?


This session will cover what the Emergency Number Professional (ENP) certification through the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) is, why it is important and how to go about achieving and maintaining it.  Oct 11th  11am 
Tanya Lee 503-313-4348 Tanya Lee is the manager of EvansCare. She has over 20 years working in the medical field and has been working in the 911 industry for the past eight years. She is passionate about improving the overall health of mission critical environments and maintaining an optimal work envirnments for dispatchers. She resdies in Florida with her husband Nathan and their severn children.  We don't have funding for that


In this session we are going to discuss and talk about the trials that the public safety industry iis experiencing currently. We will talk about things to do RIGHT NOW to help improve the culture of your center and give you solutions to some of the most difficult struggles including peer support, morale and safety all while not costing a lot as we know, especially during these times, funding is an issue now more than ever!  Oct 11th  1pm 
Jennifer Poole and Rick Thomas 984-960-9308 Rick Thomas began his career in public safety in 1991 as a Volunrteer Firefighter and moved into 911 in 1996. Over the years he has worked as a Telecommunicator, Training Offocer, Shift Supervisor, Center Supervisor and ECC Manager. Rick is a Senior APCO member ans was awarded his RPL Certification in 2009. He has also served on numerous APCO committees. Rick is also active with NENA and earned his ENP and CMCP Certifications. Rick is currently part of the RapidSOS Public Safety Team as an ECC Engagement Manager for the Southeast Region.
Jennifer Poole has been in Public Safety for over 17 years. Jennifer's passion for teaching and speaking to Public Safety Telecommunicators provided her the opportuynity to present at many state level and national conferences. Jennifer is currently a part ofthe RapidSOS Public Safety Teaam as Senior Regional Manager.  
Before the Phone Rings- Data First Requests


We live in a world where technology and data have made our lives easier. Our home security systems know there is an emergency occuring before we do, and our wearbale devices cn detect hard falls, but  why do we still need to pick up th ephone to dial 911? In this session, public safety leaders and emergency technology experts will discuss the future of public safety- and how we have made leaps and bounds over the past year to make this future a reality through the delivery of data-first emergency requests for service.Attendees will learn how data first request for service enbles a new paradigm for emergency response by decreasing response times, enabling a more intelligent allocation of resources and relieving pressure from understaffed 911 centers.  Oct 11th  2pm 
Blair Tyndall 717-887-4702 Blair is an Emergency Service Specialist that joined
Glatfelter Insurance Group and VFIS Client Risk Solutions in 2013. His wide range of emergency service experience spans 31 years. Blair provides risk managemnt and loss mitgation to VFIS customers acrss the nation with concentration in 8 states. 
Who are our Customers?

Dispatcher Track 

This presentation was developed and intended to identify the 911 Communications Center Customer Base. We will explore how your center is much more them you think. Topics: Identify the Customer, Do these customers value your center and staff? How do you become an Emergency Service Organization? Does anyone really lnow what you provide? How do begin to effectively sale your organization? Oct 11th  3pm 
Tanya Lee 503-313-4348 Tanya Lee is the manager of EvansCare. She has over 20 years working in the medical field and has been working in the 911 industry for the past eight years. She is passionate about improving the overall health of mission critical environments and maintaining an optimal work envirnments for dispatchers. She resides in Florida with her husband Nathan and their severn children.  Why They Stay?

Dispatcher Track 

This session will discuss the thouht process behind a domestic violence victim and why they continue to stay in their unhealthy envirnment despite repeated abuse. Class is designed to help telecommunicators handle these calls with empathy and understanding and giuve them firsthand knowledge of why they stay.  Oct 11th  4pm 
Maureen Dieckmann 303-495-0446 Bringing over 27 years of public safety industry experience, "Moe" Dieckmann arrives with energy, conviction and straight forward coaching…applying real world examples and humor in facilitaion, speking and professional services that Public Safety personnel can appreciate. Maureen and her team of subject matter experts deliver Leadership Development, QA/QI services, Supervisor processes, boost morale, and support team coping behaviors. Maureen is an advocate of giving back to the community of women and children transitioning from domestic violence and incarceration; she collaborates woth seevral related non profitsthrough volunteer work and board advisement.  The Secret Weapon in Staffing Strategies & Soft Perks


"I haven't been fully staffed for a decade", "I am down to 62% in staffing", "We never stop interviewing or hiring, just keep up with the loss in staffing" Hiring, training, and constant mandatory overtime is taxing our teams. This is existential crisis is costing PSAP's extraordinary amounts of finance, emotional exhaustion and over stressing employees left in the wake of the revolving door. While it seems that being fully staffed could be a thing of the past.... there area a few thibngs you can do to find relief. Attend this session and debunk wuick fixes, examine the perils of old school hiring practices and take away a couple of secret ingredients that can be implemented as quickly as tomorrow. Oct 11th  8am 
Sondra Wesley     A Video is Worth a Million Words


If a picture is worth a thousand words,  then a video
must be worth a million. Attendees will particpate in an interactive session to determine how Livestream and Media can save time, reserve resources, and increase situational awareness for both Telecommunicators and Responders.
Oct 11th  9am 
April Heinze 517-719-2426   Leading 911 into the Futrure


PSAP operations have changed drastically over
time, and with those changes comes the need to
adapt. How do we do that? How can we be
influential leaders in our 911 community? This
session discusses leadership in the PSAP, the
challenges that 911 professionals face today, and
provides insights and resources that we can use
to lead us into the future. We'll work on helping
you become an effective leader of tomorrow.
Oct 11th  10am 
Maureen Dieckmann 303-495-0446   Quality Assurance and the
Important Role of Your Feedback

Admin/Supervisor Track

Whether inhouse program or outsourced support
services,QA Professionals need "evaluation
relief" and constant calibration. This course hits
on all major points in QA best practices, standards,
and highlights a few pitfalls. Learn about QA/QI
program designs, How to Implement, QA/QI best
pratices. Learn how to harness the power of
unbiased feedback and get ahead of liability and risk. 
Oct 11th  11am 
Misty Trotter 502-991-2499 Misty Trotter is an experienced regional sales
manager with ADS since 2014 with an immense
compassion for public safety. Misty is presently
weorking towards her ENP.  
Taming 911 Turnover - Strategies
for Success


Overstressed,overworked and underappreciated:
911 telecommunicators are reaching a breaking
point. It's no wonder average annaual turnover is nearing 30%. With a shrinking applicant pool, its important to keep your current telecommunicators happy and engaged. Supportive supervison is essential, but as a 911 leader, you can't be spending time coaching and training when you're too busy doing other things. It's also difficult to provide effective support when you don't know where or how telecommunicators are struggling in the first place. Attend this session to learn about innovative solutions and practices that 911 centers are implementaing to tame the rising turnover. 
Oct 11th  1pm 
Kelly Sanders Kelley 615-499-1061 Kelly Sanders-Kelley has spent over 15 years in
Public Safety education and training. After earning
her Master's in Education and Business she taught
learner's in the training classroom and higher
education environment both face to face and online. Today, Kelly is the National Director at Virtual Academy, where she leads the 911 total training solutions division.
Reap What you Sow: Building
Budget Friendly Training


In this session the presentation modality used will
be a powerpoint presentation inclusive of video
segments and a comprehensive outline. The
Presentoer will expoound on pratical traiing and
communication programs to positively impact 
recruitment and retention through supportive
engagement. Attendees will recieve proposed
suggestions and best practices on how to evaluate the right training program for their 911 Center. 
Oct 11th  2pm
Jean Martin 205-257-4911 As an Emergency Services Coordinator for
Southern Linc, Jean manages ass aspects of
providing wireless 911 services to linc customers.
This includes working with local personnel and
other organizations to ensure proper call routing
of wireless 911 services. With over 40 years working
within the telecommunications industry, Jean's
background enables her to understand technical
components of data delivery and call completion.
She is involved with the 911 community for over
25 years, is a member of both NENA and APCO. Jean
is proud to serve as President of the North Alabama
911 district. 
Wireless E911 Update


Jean will share how FCC decisions relating to
wireless E911 services and other E911 regulatory
issues along with the LTE build out throughout
the wireless industry may have impacted the
PSAP and 911 personnel. Topics include text to
911 and wirelesss regulatory issues including
location accuracy will be addressed as well as
how cell site radio frequency changes and new
cell site activations may affect the PSAP. 
Oct 11th  3pm
Scott Warner  251-947-3911 Scott Warner,GISP,FPEM has been the GIS/
Adressing Manager for Baldwin Co 911 for the
last 2.5 years.He has worked in the 911 /EM and
GIS fields for over 16 years. He received his B.S.
In Geography/GIS from Texas State University. In his short time with Baldwin 911 his staff and him have converted all the GIS data into the NENA NexGen data schema. Moved the addressing process into a complete GIS based on workflow, added nearly 27,000 address points to the data, and scanned in over 3,000 mylar maps for historical purposes.  
Using What3Words and Google Plus


This session will discuss alternative ways to locate
people when street addresses aren't accurate
enough or possibly don't exist such as in rural
wooded areas, parks, beaches or even out over a body of water.
Oct 11th  4pm