2018 Educational Sessions

Here are a few sessions that are being lined up. Many more to come. Check back for updates.

9-1-1 Quality Assurance and Performance Measurement Best Practices

All the training in the world is useless without standards to train to and metrics to measure against to drive continuous improvement. These ideas are the driving force behind the APCO/NENA standard for Quality Assurance/Improvement (QA/QI) and new standards currently under development. Whether your 9-1-1 center is still trying to get a QA program off the ground, or you simply feel you can do better, you won"t want to miss this session. We"ll share ten 9-1-1 QA and performance measurement best practices that align with the new standard and incorporate lessons learned from some of the highest performing PSAPs and experts.  You"ll learn about: (1) How to design your program to align with the APCO/NENA QA/QI ANSI Standard; (2) Best practices and tips to ensure an effective and efficient QA/QI program, including: how to overcome resistance to your QA program, selecting the right Quality Assurance Evaluator, how many and which calls to QA, calibrating for consistency, and more; (3) Performance measurement industry standards and what metrics and objectives are most commonly used by PSAPs today;  (4) The pitfalls and challenges of tracking performance metrics and how to it more efficiently and effectively. 

Embracing Change: Realizing Operational Efficiencies of NG 9-1-1 

What"s new, better, and different in an NG call center? The presenter guides you through a few scenarios, followed by a quick overview of what NG9-1-1 actually is and what it means to your PSAP operation. Participants will walk away with an understanding of specific operational efficiencies NG 9-1-1 enables, and how they"ll be able to implement future technology upgrades without expensive, major system upgrades. 

TTY is going away! RTT is coming your way!

The FCC has taken steps towards replacing analog TTYs with a mandate to implement real-time text (RTT) on cellular networks.  RTT is a new communications technology that will have impact not only the Deaf and Hard of Hearing but all 911 consumers and providers. In this session, we will learn more about RTT and the benefits, FCC deadlines and explore what steps are needed to make it a reality.

Next Generation 9-1-1. Is Your PSAP Ready? 

As NG9-1-1 continues to evolve, various solutions are being deployed and new advancements are occurring at rapid speeds. Many of those advancements will impact your agency's PSAP and other entities supported by 9-1-1. Learn how to leverage new NG9-1-1 capabilities, its impact to the public safety eco-system, and how to prepare your PSAP to be ready for what"s next.

There's No Such Thing as Routine

Line of Duty Deaths are all too common today. The news media reports "An Officer was killed during a routine traffic stop." The stop wasn't routine, or the officer would have made it home that day. Are you falling into a routine? Routine leads to complacency, complacency leads to mistakes, and mistakes lead to deaths. This course will discuss the Telecommunicator's responsibility in ensuring responder safety on every call. 



 8:00 - 10:00

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