The 13 Not's - Thirteen Things no to share with Co-Workers in the Comm Center

This powerful one hour course brings to light the taboo’s of the Communication Center.  What wer say and what we do during our shift defines who we are and how our co-workers perceive us-positively, or negatively.  Informative and entertaining…..what “Not’s” can you think of?

Speaker Bio:

Dennis Darouse, ENP
Tangipahoa, LA 9-1-1

Serving for 38 years in the Fire Service, beginning as a volunteer and spending the last 31 years as a career firefighter with the City of Hammond, Dennis retired with the rank of Asst. Fire Chief in September 2001.  During that time he held several different positions: Chief of Training, Communications Chief, and Haz Mat Chief for the department.

Shortly after retiring from the fire service, Dennis began his 9-1-1 career in February of 2002, as the Director of the Tangipahoa Communications District #1.  While under his direction, the district has expanded with a new state of the art center, and an increased mapping department which doubled the size of its employees, each with their own vehicle and monitoring equipment.  Futhermore, fire dispatch has become a reality within the center with three people on duty around the clock and an additional eight hour power shift, for a total of four telecommunicators/dispatchers.

Dennis is a member of the 9-1-1 National Public Educators Forum, a group of public educators assisting in fostering 9-1-1 public education, as well as a member of APCO and NENA.