Social Media and Web Collaboration for the PSAP

Every day PSAPs are hit with more and more requests for “do this, we need that, do it this way for us”. The amount of data and responsibility that comes in and out of a PSAP daily is overwhelming, time consuming and error prone. This session will take you through real life scenarios where automation, social media, media relationships and other efficiency measures have been successfully implemented to decrease the workload of telecommunicators. You do not want to miss this session, the presenter Dan Wright, will provide live demonstrations of how automating your PSAP can benefit you and show you how Chilton County 9-1-1 is successfully using social media and automation to reduce the workload on their telecommunicators. A few of the topics discussed will be: Social Media usage, automated road condition notifications, automated weather information, use of Google Apps for collaboration, Website use for automated notifications and many more.

Speaker Bio:

Dan Wright, Director
Chilton County 911

With a public safety career that began in 1999, Dan Wright is the Executive Director at Chilton County 911 in Clanton, AL and a Fire Captain with Birmingham Fire and Rescue in Birmingham, AL. His fire service career began in January 1999 as a volunteer firefighter with East Chilton Fire Department. Within East Chilton he rose through the ranks to Deputy Chief along with serving as a Board Member. His Birmingham career began in December 2003 and he is in his third year as Captain.

Dan began his dispatch career at Chilton County E-9-1-1 in April 2001. He has worked in dispatch at Chilton County and Shelby County E-9-1-1. He currently is the Executive Director of Chilton County E-9-1-1 ( where he manages a staff of 20 employees. He earned a Bachelor’s in Fire Science and an Information Technology Certificate from Columbia Southern University, along with several certifications through the Alabama Fire College and Emergency Management Institute.

Dan has served as the President of the Chilton County Firefighters Association, is a graduate of Chilton Leadership, a 2008 recipient of The Yvorra Leadership Development Foundation Award, has completed the National Emergency Number Association Center Manager Certification Program and has authored several successful grant applications. Dan is also the President of Wright Public Safety Training and Consulting ( and Wright BBQ Company (, both companies developed out of two of Dan’s passions, teaching and cooking. You can connect with Dan on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Flickr.

Dan can be reached by email at or by phone at 205-233-1340.